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A group of four people meeting. The Copperline Group provides consulting services.

Copperline Group works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create strengths-based solutions to leadership challenges. We accomplish this through just-in-time training, coaching, and consulting designed around your organization's unique needs.

Copperline Group coaches help you and your team capitalize on their strengths.

Capitalize on your strengths through individual or team coaching. 

Copperline Group has certified facilitators to provide the training to help your leaders grow.

Certified facilitators provide training to help your leaders grow.

Copperline Group consulting develops leadership strategies that create effective, engaged teams.

Develop leadership strategies that create effective, engaged, happy teams.

Leadership Development








The Copperline Group collaborates with you and your team to realize improved performance.


Copperline Group's coaches work with organizational leaders to discover their leadership strengths and  to learn how those strengths and knowing  the strengths of their team members can positively impact job satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity.


We offer individual and team coaching. Contact us to see how coaching can help you and your organization. We will put together coaching packages that will positively impact you, your teams, and your organization.


Copperline Group's certified facilitators provide training to help your leaders become strengths-focused, emotionally intelligent, and effective. Research shows that employees do not leave organizations, they leave managers.


Let us help you create and foster an environment in which your employees are committed to and believe in your organization. Contact us to discuss your training needs and how we can help you meet your organization's objectives.



Organizations that focus on strengths-based leadership approaches find that they have higher profitability, greater employee satisfaction, and, therefore, increased employee retention.


Copperline Group will work with your organization to develop leadership strategies that will lead to more engaged and effective employees and leaders.Contact us for more information on how to create a workplace where people want to work...and not just because you are paying them to be there.

From Gallup-certified Strengths Coaches, to MBTI trained facilitators, Copperline Group is ready.

Contact Us

276 Murtha Street, Alexandria, VA 22304  |  703 907-9063

Thank you for connecting with the Copperline Group! A member of the team will respond to you shortly.

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