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Copperline Group

Specializes in 

Leadership Solutions

Leadership Coaching Alexandria, VA | Copperline Group

OUR Mission

To provide our clients the training, consulting, and coaching needed to create strengths-based leaders, teams, and organizations.

OUR Vision

To work with organizations and individuals to create workplaces in which every employee is valued, engaged, and inspired.

Our Experience

Copperline Group has over 50 years of combined training and leadership experience and over 500 hours of leadership and strengths-based coaching experience. We are passionate about creating organizations in which every leader understands his or her strengths and is able to help others do the same. Research shows that this understanding increases employee engagement, effectiveness, and profitability.


Additionally, research proves that people who use their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs and are three times happier in life overall. That all begins with leadership. Let us help you create a strengths-based culture in which your employees are inspired to volunteer their best efforts every day. You will be amazed at the impact this will have in all areas of your organization.

Compassion. Integrity.Collaboration.

Leadership. Excellence. Respect. Service 

Leadership Development Training Charlotte NC | Copperline Group

Copperline Group works with individuals, teams, and organizations to create strengths-based solutions to leadership challenges. We accomplish this through just-in-time training, coaching, and consulting designed around your organization's needs.







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